Sunday, March 21, 2010

update 22th Marth

Borrower page (step 1)
share page , we can write title and statement (step 2)

facebook home page (step 3)

Thank you page(step 1)

login page(step 2)

after login refresh page (step 3)

write feed stroy(step 4)

facebook home page (step 5)


I have finished to change these two pages and did some test . there is still some problem

1. if no login button shown on the page , when user do not login the facebook when they press "share with facebook" button ( it is a send feed function ) in THANK YOU page . application will allow user to login . but after log in they have to press the button again to send the feed .

So totally user need to press twice. that is not what we want , but it seem like we have to do it.

2. in the THANK YOU page , we need find picture's recouse and location if we want to attach it .that still need to ask company to show me where to find it.

3. the share button only share the link ,that need to be changed I guess.

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