Wednesday, March 3, 2010

requirments of goodreturn website

The requirments of this application is not very complex.

Due to the facebook API, we can achieve many function we want .

R1. The website should allow user to login by facebook account .
The systme should check the window or the user's login status .
if use already login facebook, then they can login in directly.
if not ,then window would pop up a new web page for user to type facebook accunt .
if user dont have a facebook account , then they can registe one there.
Of course users can their goodreturn account to login as well .

R2 The website should allow user to logout goodreturn and facebook as the same time

R3. The website should allow user send feed (words ,pictures) to their own facebook page.

when user finish a donation or lent , they can choose to send a message or a feed to their wall to let their friend know that . system would add a picture and the number of money to the message automatically , But if the user dont want to attach the picture or the number of money they can change that. Also user can write any thing in the message.

R4. The website should allow user share vidao and pictures with their facebook friends.
The user can add some statement to the share vidao or pictures if they want .

R5. The application should allow user to access to website derictly from facebook.

*R6. The applicatoin should allow user to invite their friends to add the application.

So far ,these requirments would help the goodreturn to be konwn by the public .

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