Sunday, April 4, 2010

what i learn from my company

I have been worked for them about 1 month since I come back to Australia . In the last month , I meet them once , most of time we communicate by email. They assign me the tasts and i did them at home , then post them on my test server which I build on school's page.From the communication , I got some rules or methods they often use.

Firstly, the main functionality of website is a donation &loan . So they very care about the security and safty of the webpage. There is a certain person responsible for building webpage , and others responsible to manage. Besides, they have a beta website server which can be accessed by some certain IP .Like all the othter websites , they also would do tests before publishing the pages. There is still some detial question i need to know in the future.:
1 . how they can make the money tranzaztion safty . what police or protocol they use .(like security link or some en-code or de-code method to protect the credit card number and personal information ? )

2. how they can guarantee the money are really used to help these people and the lender would get their money back ? Is these assurance between world education ( goodreturn's owner) and other financial institutions ?

Secondly ,the very care about protect the users' privacy. Thay is why they dont want facebook share their database which means, after user login their website , they have to login to facebook again when they want to send a post to facebook. But on the other hand, user dont need worry about their informatoin would expose on facebook , especially refer to money . Another reason is probably that they dont want make the project too complex . They want to make the maintainance more easier. They even dont want the user's name appear on the webpage. But I think, only if they can control the database well , that would be OK for the print a name on the page. Lent menoy to poeple who need help is very good contribution to world. User would not mind if others or system know who he/she is .

Thirdly , the website is easy to use --good usibility . Specific description and easy operation with guide , new user dont worry they could loss . And they also want me to create a easy operated function . That is why they me use one button to implement two functoins( check log ,send feed) . So there is only one facebook button on the page . At the beginning I was stucked by this requirement cause some technical problems. I used a replace method which to show a login button first ,then use a seed feed button to replace the previous one. So these is always one button on the page and they feel satisfied with that design . That make me understand sometimes if cannot find the best way to implement an idea , choose a smarter way.