Sunday, March 21, 2010

update 15th March

Today , i went to the company to meet Di Bowles who is the manager of . I show the sample application to them and talk about the how to use their server to test .

they give me 2 pages which they want to add the facebook button in and tell me how these buttons work .

first one is a share button which could appear in "Borrower" page . That page is telling the user the backgroud information about these people who need help and how much need and so on .
the "share" button is to share the link to facebook , is better can display a picture and leave some comment and so on . So only use facebook's "share" API cannot make this happen .that should use others .

Second one is a post feed button on "Thank you" page . On that page , user already finish the loan or donation . this page is last step to display all information to user . The facebook button will send a new feed to the facebook , to tell user's friends how he/she help them .
they want the button can handle "login" and "send feed" function . Also they want the feed contain the user's name ,borrower's name and nationality. Unfortunatly , facebook just claimed that the API will not supply templage any more . Probably, they make a better one for users .

One more thing is the website is not created by the company , so i have to work with the person who made the website whe embed the application into the real website .

There is till a lot work to do .

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